My yoga journey  began in 2002 when our son Colin was in pre-kindergarten in Frederick. I joined Fitness First and tried my first yoga class. From there i began to practice at the gym and other studios around town. I was also an avid runner. I got into weight training and began to understand the importance of resistance training. Around 2008, i was introduced to Baron Baptiste' book, Journey into Power. I learned that he studied with Bikram. My friend Jo Jo told me about a hot yoga class in Rockville. For a couple of years she was my yoga buddy as we traveled down to our 90 minute sweat box - what an experience! I loved the physicality of the practice and the heat but began to crave more. I went to a class in Frederick with Maria Garre were i was first introduced to the beauty and intelligence of Prana Vinyasa Flow yoga created by Shiva Rea. The sequencing was so awesome and my body felt great after every class. 

In 2011 our daughter Madeline left for college at Virginia Tech. Our son Colin was getting ready to enter high school and i was looking for something for myself - my next chapter. It was that fall i entered the teacher training program led by Maria Garre. 

Currently, i have a beautiful studio serving a fabulous group of yogis and yoginis every week. We have been open since August 2012 and continue to expand the offerings, evolve and grow an amazing tribe. Our daughter Maddy is in graduate school at the University of Maryland. Colin is at the University of Alabama studying business and fully embodied in southern tradition and all things Crimson Tide!!!!  Paul, my certified financial planner hubby continues to take care of all of us - keeping the lights on and keeping us laughing!  

I continue to take classes and study with as many instructors as i can to broaden my knowledge. My interests include meditation, body rolling, interval training and of course my first love vinyasa flow yoga! All of which come together in my hybrid offering to my students.  My roots are in the physicality of the asana practice but i now appreciate the softer, richer side of yoga philosophy and the restorative nature of this amazing ancient practice. 

Before professional background  includes a Master's Degree in Audiology from the University of Maryland. Prior to Audiology i worked in the field of Advertising and Marketing. Once we had kids i decided to work part-time as an audiologist. I then left the field of audiology to help my husband Paul, who is a certified financial planner, open a private practice. I worked as a representative for Arbonne before training and becoming a full-time teacher. 

My advice for a peaceful life: Find your passion, live your passion, and put God at the center of your life.  

See you on the mat!  Sue