Class Descriptions

Weekly classes are appropriate for all levels and are Hot Power Flow unless otherwise noted. 

Hot Flow (75 min) -  All-Levels

These classes offer a challenging practice lasting 75 minutes. We will be practicing the classic yoga poses and explore challenging variations. Postures will be  built using intelligent sequencing. This is an all-levels class. Modifications and variations will be offered. Each class is different but always recognizable! So whether you are brand new or have been practicing for a while no worries, you will be guided on how to adjust the class to fit your fitness level. So go for it and explore your NEW intelligent edge! 

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) and YFF - Foot Fitness

YBR is a self-care/body sustainability system you can learn to do yourself. Using different size inflatable balls we activate, stretch, tone and align muscles removing restrictions, stress and tension. This work, when done consistently and patiently, will bring full mobility and function back to your body. 

* Arrive with an empty stomach as we will be rolling into the abdomen. 

HIIT (interval training)  30-60min.

What is so great about this class is that is low impact. We workout on padded mats and you can where your gym shoes if you want. We start off with a 10 minute combo of cardio/yoga warm up. Then we move into 40 minutes of intervals including combinations of full-body power moves, some with weights, some cardio moves, strength moves and plenty of core exercises. The last 10 minutes we finish up with core and stretch. As always - modifications are offered and rest breaks provided. 

Yoga Sculpt - 45-60 minutes 

Sculpt your body with a combo of yoga moves along with hand weights to pump up your metabolism, tone, sculpt and define your muscles. Low impact, mindful movement makes this a great place to start for those new to HIIT style (interval training) workouts. 

Restorative Yoga (60 minutes)

Great class if you are new to yoga or just getting back to it after an injury or hiatus. Manageable pace makes it easy to slow things down, modify and explore. Practice is done mainly on the floor using a variety of props so you can rest, relax and restore. ​

In all classes, students are encouraged to work at their own fitness level. The yoga studio will be warm in the mid 80s degrees for HIIT and YBR classes. Hot Yoga will be heated in the mid-90s. During the summer and nice weather we practice outdoors on the patio. We will honor your time as some will need to leave immediately. If you are late please just sneak in quietly when you arrive. If you have signed up ahead of time you will have a spot.

Preparation for Class

I recommend no heavy meals 2-3 hours prior to class. It is best to have a light snack of fruit or yogurt about an hour or so before class. After a class or two you will be able to tell what your body needs. Drink plenty of water everyday to stay well hydrated. Bring water to class with you. I also recommend coconut water after you practice to rehydrate and restore your electrolytes.

Refund Policy: If you have an injury and need to "freeze" your package please let me know. If you are unsure if you are going to be committed to a yoga practice i would recommend you purchase a smaller package. Refunds will only be given if you are unable to practice yoga due to chronic longterm injury/illness. Classes used in package will be charged at the drop-in rate and then your balance will be refunded via check.  

​​Sign-Up Instructions

Most students come regularly 1-3x per week. Sign ups go week-to-week so no worries if your schedule changes and you want to come to a different class.  Here is how it works: At end of each week  i will send out a group email to all of my students for the following week. Just respond to my email if you want to sign up or need to cancel or change to another class. 

Class Rates

First Class on Us!

Drop-In rate $20

Join the a package*:

5 classes for $80
10 classes for $130

***Cash or check only please  ***

​*Packages expire one year from start date unless otherwise noted. 



Parking Instructions

Please park in the driveway parking area whenever possible. You can park on the gravel area along the tree line or on the paver stone parking if space available. If you have to park out on the road please park on my side of the street only. Studio entrance - follow the steps down past the deck. 

What to wear and bring to class

YBR (body rolling) - Fitted yogawear/ athletic performance fabric tops/pants are the best. When in doubt ask me.  For our Vinyasa Flow classes, Yoga clothing is better then regular “athletic” clothing since the fabrics are typically 3 or 4 way stretch and of lighter/softer weight. Make sure your hair is pulled back and out of your face. I find it more comfortable to be make-up, perfume/cologne and jewelry free. We will have a place for your belongings. We have straps, blocks, blankets you may use if you forget yours.